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Welcome to Karur Real Estate Official website. We offer real estate services in Karur district of Tamil Nadu state in India. Our services includes  buying & selling of properties such as houses, apartments, plots, land in Karur.

You can find details of properties such as houses, Plots / land that are available for sale in Karur on our website Karurrealestate.com


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Do you want to buy a property in Karur?  Karurrealestate.com helps you to buy a property that's for sale in Karur.

Karur properties for sale

We offer the latest list of properties that are available for sale in Karur district of Tamil Nadu State in India, properties  such as houses, apartments, plots, land, commercial buildings, agriculture land are listed for sale in Karurrealestate.com

House for sale in Karur

House for sale in Karur are listed in Karurrealestate.com,  buyers who are looking to buy house property in Karur can find the latest houses that are available for sale in Karurrealestate.com

You can find house sale in Karur below 30 lakhs in Karurrealestate.com website. 1 BHK and 2 BHK types of houses are available in above budget.

House sale in Karur below 20 lakhs are also available here, these types of houses have one bedroom, one hall and one kitchen.

Plots / Land for sale in Karur

Residential plots / land for sale in Karur or listed in Karurrealestate.com,  these types of plots can be used for building houses as well as commercial offices.

The plot size available for sale in Karur starts from 800 square feet to 6000 square feet,  most of the house buyers prefer 1200 square feet to 2400 square feet for constructing individual houses.

DTCP approved plots in Karur

DTCP stands for Department of Town and Country Planning, latest DTCP approved plots in Karur are listed for sale in Karurrealestate.com

These plots are already approved  by the Tamil Nadu government  and Karur municipality to construct offices, shops as well as houses. DTCP plots are considered as a good investment by middle class people.

Top Localities in Karur for Real Estate investment.

The top localities in Karur for real estate investment are - Gandhigramam, PasupatiPalayam, Vengamedu, Thanthonimalai and Karur town. These are the prime locations in which Karur real estate investment is done.

Karur Real Estate Facebook

Karur real estate Facebook group is regularly updated with the latest properties that are available for sale in Karur.

The link for official Karur real estate Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/karurrealestates/

For more information about Karur properties visit Karur Classifieds.

What are the types of Real Estate properties in Karur?

The 4 main categories of Real Estate properties in Karur are

They are Land, Residential, Commercial & Industrial properties.

Land Property

All sorts of Karur real estate property start with land. terrain usually refers to undeveloped terrain and open space. In order to enhance the density and increase the value of the property, developers buy land, combine it with other properties (a process known as assembly), and rezone it.

Residential Property

Individual, family, and group dwellings are all included in residential real estate. The majority of people in Karur are familiar with this asset class and this is the most prevalent estate type. Single-family homes, apartments, condos, townhouses, and various housing arrangements fall under the category of residential.

Commercial Property

Land and structures used by enterprises for operations are referred to as commercial property. Shopping centres, individual stores, office buildings, parking lots, healthcare facilities, and hotels are a few examples.

Industrial Property

Land and structures utilised by industrial firms for operations including manufacturing, mechanical productions, research and development, construction, transportation, logistics, and warehousing are referred to as industrial real estate.

Karur Real Estate Brokers

Real estate brokers in Karur are important team members because they are the generators of opportunities. They can decide who sees a property that is coming online first and can be the bearer of great opportunities. What it takes is a broker who understands the importance of relationships and working as part of a team.


On the other hand, many brokers are transactional, living and dying by their fees, which naturally results in an eat-what-you-kill mentality. They will indiscriminately pose opportunities that are nothing more than distractions because they do not fit your business goals.


What you really want is a real estate broker in Karur, who looks out for your best interest, understands your needs, and seeks out opportunities that match them. That adds value. Beyond this, the true role of a real estate broker is to bring a willing buyer and willing seller together, not necessarily to ensure his or her client gets the best deal. But the good ones do both. They work to execute the best possible transaction for their client from start to finish.


Sometimes Karur real estate brokers will perform; what is known as dual representation, which means the same broker will represent both the buyer and the seller. On the surface, this may seem like an opportunity to save some money in commissions; after all, typical transactions have two brokers who must share the commissions. But dual representation can be tricky, and in the very least it requires full disclosure of all known facts and circumstances to avoid conflicts of interests.


While most people in business recognize the need to adjust to market changes, real estate brokers really need to moderate their styles as market conditions fluctuate. During the boom times of the mid 2000s, many real estate brokers, based on the volume of work, became more transactional as they tried to close as many deals as they could. But the best ones knew that booms also create busts, and it’s the real pros who maintain relationships during the booms that have business during the down times.


The best brokers also know that the height of the market is not the time to buy and provide that level of counsel to investor clients. They are market advisors as well as salespeople who are in it for the long term and know that no deal today is worth the loss of many deals tomorrow. That’s the kind of broker you want.


The dual brokerage relationship does not trouble me when I see sophisticated parties on both sides of a transaction. The broker frequently has problems when there is a mismatch of sophistication among the parties. I have had many conversations with brokers who had dual agency relationships that they regretted once problems arose.


I have found that the best real estate brokers in Karur, have the client’s interests at heart. The best example I can give relates to my good friend and real estate broker in Karur; Mr. Murthy - helped me to buy an office building for my firm in Karur. Although I had my heart set on buying a particular building, Murthy was a good friend and professional broker who looked me in the eye and told me that it was not in my best interest to act and that I needed to be patient as the market was trending downward. Clearly, Murthy’s advice was in my best interest and not in his short-term interest since no commission would be paid.